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Our Mission

The Luxe Lash Co. is committed to providing innovative and quality lash products and education. Our lash academy offers self paced courses as well as hands on training nationwide.

Our Values

Professional Growth - Industry Leader -Quality Artistry

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Meet the Team!


Gianna Simonovich

CEO + Director of Sales

Gianna founded The Luxe Lash Co. in 2017.  She is a certified lash artist and lash educator. Continued growth, quality product production and premium affordable education are top goals for Luxe!

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Daniella Jaheare

Education Coordinator

Daniella joined The Luxe Lash Co. in 2019. She is working to expand the training curriculum and grow the training team nationwide! Her top goal is to find talented lash artists to represent the brand.

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Heather Bortolini

Marketing Director + Certified Lash Artist 

Heather joined The Luxe Lash Co. in 2020. She earned her certification through Luxe and is currently lashing for us in Lake Geneva, WI. She is dedicated to quality lash artistry and brand marketing!

Meet Our Lash Artists!

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